Mindfulness Training Course

Mindfulness Training Course

Paying attention to the here and now requires intention, not force.
- Eckhart Tolle







What is the Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is attention. This attention can be directed inside ourselves as well as outside ourselves. Mindfulness is attention in the here and now without judgment.

What is the Mindfulness Training Course?

The Mindfulness Training Course is an eight-week online course presented by Contemplative Life co-founder and President Jeff Genung. The training offers a deep dive into the essential principles and practices associated with mindfulness. Each week participants will receive a workbook and corresponding video that covers the critical themes in mindfulness. Each week will also include a live video conference as well as guided practices designed to make this an experiential course.

Is this course right for me?

Are you looking for something that is authentic, meaningful and experiential? Are you interested in learning practices and skills that can cultivate your inner life and enable you to have a deeper connection with family, friends, and co-workers? I invite you to join us for an eight-week online journey into mindfulness that includes an exploration of the science, benefits, and practices of mindfulness.

What are the benefits and expected outcomes of the course?

* Develop or deepen your personalized mindfulness practice. * Learn techniques to increase focus and attention in the present moment. * Enhance cognitive flexibility and decrease emotional reactivity. * Learn methods to help neutralize stress and anxiety. * Increase skills of self-observation and situational awareness. * Learn practices to develop empathy and compassion.

What is the cost and time commitment for this course?

The cost of the training is $295 and enrollment is now open. The course requires 5-6 hours each week including study, video, conference call, and practice.